Newburyport, Wheelwright Gardens Make the Endangered Property List

Preservation Massachusetts has named the Wheelwright Gardens as one of Massachusetts’ “10 Most Endangered Resources.”

Well, yeh. They thought outside the box. Good for Preservation Massachusetts.

The Wheelwright Gardens are the first gardens ever to be place on Preservation Massachusetts “10 Most Endangered Resources.”

High Street won in 1999. The only roadway ever nominated. It was a very, very big deal. Fenway Park made it to the top ten that year too, and it’s still standing, thank you very much.

In 2001 the two historic houses, the William Barlett House and the William Johnson House on the Federal Street made it to the top ten. Not only are they still standing, but they have both been lovingly restored, with deed restrictions no less.

The “Common Pasture” made it to the top ten in 2004, and the Common Pasture has had many successes.

The Endangered Resource List is a very big deal. Let’s hope that the Wheelwright Gardens have the same “luck” as everything else that has made it.

And this is from the Newburyport Current online, Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (again many thanks to Ulrika Gerth):

“The fact that this extremely rare Federal style garden has remained intact for over 120 years is amazing,” said Jim Igoe, president of Preservation Massachusetts. “This horticultural gem shares the same historic significance as the main house on this property and should benefit from the same type of protection granted to it.”

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Mary Eaton