Newburyport, Save Our Town

Well, I went for a treasure hunt, hunting down “Save Our Town” bumper stickers.

Preserve Newburyport’s historic character, charm and beauty

The first one I found was not on a car, but on a door. Going down Fruit Street from High Street, just as I was getting near Temple Street, low and behold, a Save Our Town bumper sticker on a very classy looking door.

Save Our Town bumper sticker
on a classy looking door

And then when I walked downtown, and low and behold right there in the Screening Room window is a Save Our Town bumper sticker. How cool is that. Many, many thanks to the Screening Room. Wow.

Screening Room window with a
Save Our Town bumper sticker

And then further downtown I found this Save Our Town bumper sticker on a bulletin board. I’m going to leave that treasure hunt for readers of the Newburyport Political Blog, but the fellow to the upper left of the bumper sticker definitely gives a hint as to where it might be.

Save Our Town bumpersticker

And of course they are popping up on cars all over Newburyport, MA.

Save Our Town bumpersticker on a red car

If you would like a bumper sticker, it’s not too late.
You can contact Save Our Town. Or you can find Save Our Town bumper stickers at:

Magpie Café at the Tannery
Ganesh Imports, on State Street
Angie’s Coffee Shop, on Pleasant Street
Leary’s Fine Wines, on Merrimac Street
Fowle’s Market, on High Street

Mary Eaton