Newburyport, Landfill, Firing New Ventures

I was talking to someone about the Crow Lane Landfill and they suggested that we as a City fire the company (New Ventures LLC) that is causing us all the problems.

That seemed like a great idea to me. A solution to all our problems.

I ran this by folks who know about all this stuff, and they said unfortunately we could not do that because New Ventures owns the land.

I was not aware of this. And I talked to a number of other people and they were not aware of this either. For me, that’s a big piece of the (unfortunate) puzzle.

And I think Urlika Gerth of the Newburyport Current did a fantastic piece on the Newburyport Landfill and all the heartache, distress and loss of quality of life that this awful situation is causing residents of Newburyport, MA.

Many thanks for that very empathetic, thoughtful and substantial piece of journalism.

Mary Eaton