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“One reason to love Mary Baker (former Mary Eaton) is because she was one of the folks who led the fight to keep High Street from becoming a highway. Ms. Baker, a local artist, has never been one to hold her tongue. She has long been a community activist and because of this Newburyport is quite lucky. Well, there is now one more reason to love her community spirit. Mary has opened up a political blog (marybakerart.com/newburyport) on her existing website.

It is well done and a much better editorial read than one will find in the local paper of record…

In only two months it has become a must read in town…Part of the reason it is going so well is that Mary’s love of the community comes clearly through and she is smart enough to write about what she understands and makes an effort to research what she doesn’t.

Take our advice, skip the daily editorial in the paper of record and read Mary’s instead. From what we’ve seen, it makes a lot more sense.”

The Undertoad, Newburyport, Massachusetts, 2006


“It took a computer and Mary Baker Eaton to get it started. The buzz has built on its own.

In two months, the Newburyport Political Blog has not only gained a steady following, it has also been picked up by the national Planning and Development Network, Planetizen.com.

This week, a post from the Newburyport blog was at the top of Planetizen’s list of must reads, alongside articles on California’s levees in the Los Angeles Times and the rise of India in Newsweek.”

The Newburyport Current, 2006


“Keep up the good work. You are the only media in town worth reading!”

Community member, October 27, 2007

“www.marybakerart.com/newburyport -The original Newburyport blogger; writes on a wide variety of political issues.”

Newburyport Daily News, October 08, 2007


“…engaging in fervent and relevant back-and-forth commentary… The Newburyport Blog…has been alive and well for many years.”

The Newburyport Current, November 2, 2007


“You’ve inspired me to vote”

Newburyport Resident, November 6, 2007


“Your efforts have been very useful to me as I try to comprehend the local politics. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Judith Grohe
Strong Street

“I have been reading your articles for a couple of weeks now and have really enjoyed the thoughtful nature of your work.”

Edith Foy


“LOVE your piece on George Cushing I laughed out loud!!”

A (former) Kelly School parent

“Thank you Mary Baker Eaton! We love your information.”  John Wells, Happy in Newburyport


“Mary Baker Eaton, the grande dame of Newburyport political bloggers”  Following Atticus, by Tom Ryan


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