Udi’s Gluten Free Bread-Eureka-at Newburyport’s Market Basket

Udi's White BreadI had a reader who wrote to me who said that as a Celiac they had “divorced” bread.

And a year or so ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I tried every gluten free bread out there, including highly recommended bread by people at the Newburyport Farmer’s Market who knew from bread.

They either tasted like sand or a combination of glue and sand. Discouraging doesn’t begin to describe it.

I had heard the “buzz” about a gluten free bread that didn’t make a person cry. Udi’s White Bread from Denver, Colorado.

And I found out yesterday, that Market Basket in Newburyport carries it.

So today, with great trepidation, and ready for major disappointment, I went on a hunt. And yes indeed, at Newburyport’s Market Basket, in aisle 16, across from the produce, nestled in between the frozen bagels, were 3 loaves of Udi’s White Bread.

I took a loaf home. The real test of a gluten free bread is if you can microwave it, and then eat it with a little butter (like regular people). And Eureka! Udi’s white bread pasted the test…Gluten free, Celiac’s out there, it actually tastes good, maybe better than good. No nutritional value, but hey, it’s one great big huge start. The more we ask for it, the more Market Basket in Newburyport will get it. For Celiacs everywhere, this is one huge breakthrough.