It’s a Baby Girl!

It’s a baby girl!!

Ulrika Gerth gave birth this morning to a “young lady” — Amelie Gerth in Newburyport, MA.

Amelie is 8.6 pounds and apparently just beautiful. And Mother, baby and Dad are all doing just fine.


Ulrika Gerth became the editor of the Newburyport Current roughly 2 years ago. Smart, “fearless,” a quick learner, she made the Current a “must read.”

Ms Gerth stepped down as editor a little over 2 weeks ago. One tough act to follow, if not downright impossible.

Not getting the Newburyport Current delivered (until recently), every Friday morning I would go out on a hunt looking for a Current that might not be read by one of my neighbors.

(I was always afraid I’d be arrested for stealing a free newspaper.)

I first started rereading the Newburyport Current because Ms Gerth let Jim Roy write his (either you love it or hate it) column. Apparently that column was/is the first thing a whole lot of people look for Friday mornings (those people who get the Newburyport Current delivered to them) before work, over their morning whatever.

After discovering Mr. Roy’s column (what can I say, I’m a fan. I sure hope they let him keep writing undeterred, under the new editorial regime), I discovered Ulrika Gerth.

And wow, did I ever become an aficionado.

And although I’m going to miss Ulrika Gerth like crazy as editor of the Newburyport Current, I sure am excited that she is the proud Mom of a gorgeous baby girl. And congratulation to the proud Papa, Ralf Gerth, as well.

Welcome to the world Amelie.

Mary Eaton