Good Public Relations in Newburyport, MA

One of the things that fascinated me concerning the “87 High Street, Leslie and Peter Tolan encounter” that I had was, “brilliant” public relations. Might I learn a whole lot from this. Really.

One of the things that I’ve learned blogging the Newburyport Blog is that folks get their “knickers in a knot” over all sorts of stuff. I’ve gotten to the point where I write a blog post and I say to myself, self, “someone is going to get their knickers in on knot on this one, you just know it.” (And the frogs go, “Yup, you just know it.”)

Later, when I go back and read whatever it is that someone has gotten all knotted up about, I’ll think to myself, “Say what? They were that upset about what?? Good grief.” (And the frogs look at me and go, “Yeh, can you believe it?)

And I’ve gotten flack from the fact that I don’t think the Tolans trashed the place (87 High Street). Predictably enough, folks are real worked up about it. (And folks who are worked up about it, could think this blog post is about them. Well, I gotta tell ya, no, it’s not.) (And the frogs are going, “Yes siree, no it’s not.”) (Good grief it’s beginning to sound like a froggy Greek chorus around here at the Newburyport Blog.)

Just the granite steps in the front of 87 High Street property alone have folks hyperventilating. Ok, not the Yankee approach, but it’s not impeachable either.

What is so interesting to me, is that the Tolans had a choice. They could have made my life a miserable, because of my snoopiness and concerns about 87 High Street, or they could have taken the approach that they did.

If they had made my life “unpleasant,” every time I would have seen or heard anything related to them (which would have been almost everyday, because I pass 87 High Street almost, if not everyday) I would not have thought “nice” things.

However, now, I’m envious of their neighbors, because it seems that they might have funny, courteous and interesting people who have bought property in their neighborhood. And I wish the Tolans were spending more time in Newburyport, MA. Before, I just wanted them to go away, permanently. This is quite a turn of attitude on my part.

After reading the description of Leslie and Peter’s appearance before the Newburyport Zoning Board of Appeals in the Newburyport Daily News, I was puzzled. Peter Tolan wrote me an email, describing the experience.

At the end of the email, Mr. Tolan said that after he left the meeting, he turned to Leslie and said, “Tough room.”

Might I learn from this and apply it to my life. And I’m trying to figure out how.

And you know what? I bet they have PhD’s in Public Relations, or at least MS’s degrees in Public Relations. The frogs think so too. (Here we go, froggy Greek chorus again.) But I don’t have time to get a PhD in Public Relations, I need an online crash course.

Mary Eaton