Newburyport, The Anniversary of George Cushing’s Debut

In all the whirl wind in my brain about 87 High Street and what that could mean for Newburyport, MA and the residences therein (except for the realtors, who must be salivating), George Cushing reminded me that a year ago, yesterday, July 18, 2006, George Cushing of Frog Pond at the Bartlet Mall, made his debut on the World Wide Web, here at the Newburyport Blog.

Who would have thought, one whole year. Wow, George.

George Cushing pleased as punch at the
anniversary of his debut on the Newburyport Blog

And so much has happened since George has arrived. And who knew that frogs could be that popular.

(I, of course, am jealous.)

The twins appeared. Not that they’ve done much, but they are cute. And they still are way in the apprentice stage. They think they could be political consultants to the Newburyport Blog, but they may have to wait quite a long time. I don’t care how great they may be at researching Hollywood celebrities. Sorry.

The Twins

And of course Georgiana Tadpole, George Cushing’s great love. The activist frog from the vernal pool behind the Wheelwright House.

Georgiana Tadpole

Yes, George and Georgianna, horny little things that they are, have sired, goodness knows how many tadpoles this spring in Newburyport, MA. 100’s, I hope not 1000’s. Yes, and some of them must have made it to tiny frog status.

I have to say, I really haven’t kept up. I refuse to be an aunt much less be a grandmother to tiny frogs sired by George and Georgiana. Just forget about that one.

But Georgiana and sometimes George will go visit and see how the little things are coming along. That’s a drama for a whole other blog (and believe you me that one will not be written by moi).

So I’m very proud of George Cushing of Frog Pond at the Bartlet Mall. At least for this blogger, he has been a most welcomed addition to the Newburyport Blog.

Happy (late) anniversary George.

Mary Eaton