The Newburyport Blog

When I first started this blog back in January 1, 2006, I figured I would only be blogging about politics in Newburyport, MA so I would call it “The Newburyport Political Blog.” And I also thought it would be pretty presumptuous to call it just “The Newburyport Blog.” Who knew, there might be lots of other Newburyport blogs.

But today, February 19, 2007 I decided to change the name from the “Newburyport Political Blog” to “The Newburyport Blog” because the blog has grown into something that I never imagined it growing into. I never imagined that it could possibly have the readership and the following it does have. And I never imagined that it would ever cover the wider range of topics that it now covers.

And as I walk the streets of Newburyport, MA (which is one of the things that I love to do) people always stop me and say, “hey, you’re the one who writes the Newburyport blog, right?” So, I figured maybe it was time to finally change the name to “The Newburyport Blog,” the name that I would have really liked to have called it in the very beginning.

Mary Eaton