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Something delightful to blog about. The Preservation Awards given out by the Newburyport Historical Commission on February 8, 2007.

Newburyport City Hall
Photograph courtesy of Mary Baker Eaton

The first Preservation Award was given to Newburyport City Hall for “Restoration and repair of building exterior, including replacement of historic brownstone and wooden architectural elements.”

A plaque was awarded with many names including Mayor John Moak, the Newburyport City Council, former Mayor Mary Anne Clancy and our State Representatives, Steven Baddour and Michael Costello.

Here is the text from the Newburyport Historical Commission, Linda Smiley, Commission Chair.

“We are especially pleased to present this restoration award to the City of Newburyport for an outstanding job on the exterior of our historic City Hall. The restoration and repair of historic brownstone and wooden architectural elements is outstanding. Iā€™d like to point out that a blend of historically authentic as well as modern materials were used. Lime mortar to match the original was used on the brickwork. Our compliments to the craftsmen(masons) who completed this work as well as the architects, designers, conservators and planners. It was clearly a team effort and the results are wonderful. We now have a City Hall that we can all be proud of and for that we thank the City. We would especially like to thank Geordie Vining for his excellent work as project manager. Geordie held the restoration team together and made it happen despite the thousands of minor and major obstacles that presented themselves. Geordie has our highest respect and should be applauded for the fine job he did.”

Newburyport City Hall– A preservation success story.

City Hall, Newburyport, MA; from a c. 1910 postcard
Image is in the public domain

Mary Eaton