Newburyport, Crow Lane Landfill, Let’s Put on Some More Pressure

Let’s kick this one up a notch.

The Crow Lane Landfill agreement that the DEP is making with the owner of New Ventures LLC (who could not be bothered to attend the meeting about this issue on Thursday, September 14, 2006) is unacceptable.

And it’s not as if the Mayor, the Newburyport City Council or State Representatives Mike Costello and State Senator Baddour aren’t doing everything they can, because they are.

I love the quote in the Newburyport Daily News September 15, 2006 on the meeting, “Nylen (New Ventures Attorney Richard “Chip” Nylen) said he agreed that odors were a nuisance, but dismissed claims that they cause health effects that residents have complained about…”

The Crow Lane Landfill reminds me a little of the movie “Erin Brockovich” where everyone knows that the toxic chemicals are not good.

Mr. Chip Nylen can be in denial all he wants, but believe me nausea, dry-heaves, headaches, difficulty breathing, this doesn’t work for me.

This strategy worked for the fight to save High Street, so maybe it would work for the Crow Lane Landfill (it’s worth a try folks.)

Two things… “Everyone has got a Mother”…and “The power is in the Cc’s.”


1) Every time a stench report is made (or if you would like to write a general email of protest, that couldn’t hurt either,) email New Ventures with the details and then “Cc” it to Jack Morris at the Newburyport Health Department (Mr. Morris can keep a record,) and to Senator Kerry and to Senator Kennedy. We are going right to the top.

    • *New Ventures LLC:

      (Extra information : Phone # for owners Della and William Thibeault, Wood Waste of Boston, Everett, MA, (617) 387-3700, no website and the only email I could find was…these folks are hard to find.)

      *Jack Morris,
      Newburyport Health Department:

      *Senator John Kerry:

      *Senator Edward Kennedy:

  • (At the moment Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry’s emails will not go through unless the web forms above are used. If someone knows better email addresses please let me know and I will change the email addresses above ASAP.)


    2) Every email contains what I call one of the “Mother buttons:”

    • *“I am so disappointed that New Ventures cannot bother to take the time….”

      *“It is so shameful that New Ventures LLC can not be bothered with the health of the citizens of Newburyport, MA…”

      *“How unfortunate that New Ventures is so selfish that it is unable to consider the children of Newburyport, MA…”

      *“We are at our wits end because New Ventures LLC has been so inconsiderate…”

  • Think of the worst thing that your Mother could have said to you and include that in every email that goes out to New Ventures and “Cc” it to Jack Morris at the Newburyport Health Department and Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy. Write 3 variations and stick one of them at the end of every email, every time.

    It worked against MassHighway when it came to saving High Street maybe it has a chance of working here too.

    Mary Eaton