Faux/Foe Progressives

I have a bone to pick with Tom Ryan the Editor of The Undertoad and The Undertoad Blog, it’s this business of “faux/foe progressives.”

For goodness sakes, progressives are human beings just like anyone else. We’re all full of peccadilloes (myself very much included.) So progressives got “upset” after Lisa Mead lost to Al Lavender and Donna Holaday lost to John Moak. Anger is one of the very natural responses to loss. Frankly, it would be worrisome if they weren’t angry.

Ok, progressives aren’t saints and not all of them act with “grace and dignity” all the time. So what. They are still progressives, and as far as I know, they aren’t corrupt.

Bruce Vogel has been singled out of late in Mr. Ryan’s sight line. One could easily think of Mr. Vogel as being assertive, a tad over eager, and possibly having the grave sin of lacking “political finesse” at times. Frankly as a resident I’d rather have a City Councilor be “gung-ho” at times than asleep at the wheel. In a “post Cracknell world” an “over-eager” progressive on the City Council works for me.

And Walter Clay…my, my. Mr. Clay did play the unfortunate game of “get the Toad.” As Mr. Clay has found out, playing “get the Toad,” especially playing “financially get the Toad” backfires big time. Mr. Ryan’s response was to start a blog, so now Mr. Ryan cannot only torture Mayor John Moak 24/7, but also anyone else, including Mr. Clay. However, despite foolishly playing “get the Toad,” Mr. Clay is and has been a long time progressive. As far as I am concerned we need every one we can get in the “John Moak Era.”

So if this gets me “Toaded,” well, I don’t care. Mr. Ryan and I could start a “battle of the blogs.” Be good for both of us. Ratings would soar…maybe. We could both cash in…maybe.

Tonight, progressives “faux” and “unfaux,” will mingle at the “Nick Cracknell rumble.” Of course we will all try and keep it light. But I hope we will all stick together like glue for the remaining duration of Mr. Moak’s administration…19months and 2 days…but who’s counting.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport