The Rumble and Blog-Vapors

The “rumble” tonight in honor of our axed Planning Director, Nick Cracknell, certainly cheers me up. The expectation of a good rumble is enough to at least shake off blog-bog, temporarily lessen mind-mush, and vaguely evaporate blog-vapors.

Last week when I stopped by the Planning Office to drop off my $12 for tonight’s reverberations, I asked if this was a “wake” or a “celebration.” I was told every effort was going to be made to “keep it light.”

Well, of course, I’m going to wear black anyway. I thought seriously of wearing a black arm-band, but of course that could add a pall to the “festivities.” It most probably would not be met with glee by the event’s hard working hosts. I guess who could blame them. A very big “thank you” to Doug Locy and Geordie Vining.

I think I might save the black arm-band to wear while wandering around the downstairs of City Hall the next time I pay a visit. (I don’t know what “dates” me more, “black arm-band,” “rumble” or “the vapors.”)

Apparently a large turn out is in order. Could this possibly send a message to Mayor John Moak? Big mistake, Pyrrhic victory, activist coming out of the woodwork…I’m guessing that the “rumble” has only just begun.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport