Mother Nature, Newburyport Tropics

Mother Nature seems to be clairvoyant.

Last year in the Spring there were little trees of every species growing in my backyard/green-stuff. It was as if Mother Nature in a second-sighted way, wanted to make sure that if the big trees didn’t make it, well, there were tons of baby trees on the way.

And sure enough, last summer we had a drought. I remember blogging about how my backyard/green-stuff was all wilty, crispy and grey, and how no amount of watering seemed to help the crispy, wilty thing.

Not this year.

No, this year, very few little trees. And this year Newburyport is downright lush, and at times appears to be some version of the tropics.

The good news is that my backyard/green-stuff is a gorgeous shade of green. The bad news is that it feels as if it continuously rains and my house and neighborhood exist in a sponge-like location. Sometimes I wonder if my lawnmower, when it’s dry enough to actually lawn-mow, would sink into the saturated, soggy earth.