Newburyport Blogger Watches Fox News and Karl Rove

Where has this Newburyport blogger been? Well, among other things this Newburyport blogger has been glued to the national primaries, political junkie that she is.

And, although I hate to admit it, Liberal Democrat that I am, I’ve been getting my political fix, in part, from yes, Fox News.


But they’ve been balanced. I’ve been shocked. And much more coherent than CNN, which has me crossing my eyes, trying to figure out their various paraphernalia.

That was until last night.

Last night Fox News had Karl Rove on as their political analysis.

I’m sitting there going, Karl Rove? The Karl Rove? Excuse me. (Jon Stewart later that night on “A Daily Show” was “Say what?” too. I’m sure that it’s by no means just moi who had the “Say what?” reaction.)

I flipped channels immediately. But I couldn’t help myself. Good grief, there was Karl Rove.

He was asked very matter of factly to give his political advice and strategy on behalf of the various Republican candidates. He managed to keep a straight face through that entire shtick.

And then he was asked very calmly to give his political advice and strategy for the Democratic candidates.

When it came to Obama he pretty much seemed to be able to keep a straight face. But when it came to Mrs. Clinton, I swear there was a subtle body language twist, and it seemed to me that the lip curled ever so slightly, and there was a struggle to keep it from curling all the way.

Karl Rove. Who knew? Apparently a number of people. But not moi.

Mary Eaton