Newburyport, Waterfront Survey 2000

Bless the readers of the Newburyport Blog. I love it when accurate information comes my way.

This is a clarification and correction of the earlier entry on the Central Waterfront (which is being discussed on Tom Salemi’s blog.) Yes, the 2000 survey did address the issue of all kinds of uses, including, mixed-use, retail/residential.

Please press here to see the PDF version of the survey that the NRA sent out in 2000.

Mary Lou Supple emailed me to say that in the year 2000, “Of all the things people did not want to see on the waterfront, housing of any kind was number one. No one wanted anyone else to live on their waterfront. ” (Used with permission.)

And apparently the surveys with comments, about 1500 of them, were placed in the reference section of the Newburyport Library in 2000, in three binders. I have not checked to see if they are still there now.

Mary Eaton