You’ve Come A Long Way Ms Ives

You’ve come a long way Kathleen Ives.

Back on September 4, 2007, I wrote a post about my meeting candidate for Newburyport City Council at Large, Kathleen Ives (Katy).

I found her to be delightful, smart, gutsy and energetic, someone who could be an real asset to Newburyport, MA. But being a newcomer, I really and truly did not think she had a prayer in the upcoming elections.

I do believe that Ms Ives could, might prove me wrong.

I have not talked to one person, once they have talked to Kathleen Ives, who would not like to see her on the Newburyport City Council.

And that’s no small accomplishment.

At first it was the more progressive folks and centrist folks that seemed to take a shine to Ms Ives.

However, when I started to talk to more conservative folks, they had the same reaction. They liked her too.

When Kathleen Ives started to put out signs, I would often see a sign just on its own. No other sign to be had on whatever property it might be. And that is often still the case. It appears that for some folks, Ms Ives would be their only pick.

And then I began to see Kathleen Ives signs clumped in with progressive candidates. Nestled in, for example, among signs for City Council candidate Donna Holaday and Mayoral candidate, Jim Stiles.

And then, low and behold, Ms Ives looks like she could be a crossover candidate. Her signs started to appear with mayoral candidate John Moak.

Kathleen Ives
John Moak
Campaign signs
in conservative ward, Ward 6

Kathleen Ives struck me as a person who could be able to facilitate people coming together. And other people appear to think so too. And if the signs are any sign that that could be true, despite her recent arrival, it is a possibility that Ms Ives could, might be an addition to Newburyport politics.

Mary Eaton