Newburyport District Guide and Blog Vapors

The fact that the money recommended by the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for an expert to help the study group, for a possible formation of a Newburyport historic district, only squeaked by the Newburyport City Council (Newburyport Daily News, August 14, 2007) by 6 votes, is enough to almost give this blogger the “vapors.”


This is a HUGE job for the study group, looking at all the possibilities for creating a possible historic district for Newburyport.

This is a gigantic job, mandated by state guidelines. It isn’t, “Well maybe we’ll propose this. What do you all think?”

NO, it’s a whole lot more complicated than that.

Think of it as a group of early settlers in Pennsylvania who are being told to get to California, and let everyone know what happens to be in between. And by the way, no one has ever made this journey before, except for a couple of people who really know what they are doing.

But guess what? Those guides, those experts, who have been across this terrain, well, whoops, you don’t get to talk to them, much less let them help you figure out how to arrive, and explain what all the possibilities are that may be out there.

No, go figure it out yourself. Hope you make it beyond the first mile.

Good grief.

If the Newburyport City Council hadn’t passed the money for an expert or a guide at this initial stage of the journey, one of the members of the study group would have had to get a PhD, just to figure out what to do next, it’s that complicated.

Now, I kid a lot about needing a PhD for various stuff, but I’m serious here. Someone really would actually needed to have a PhD to understand what to do next.

I had no idea that the vote was going to be that close. Good grief.

We desperately need to protect our historic assets. What’s left. The The National Architectural Trust says we have lost one third of our historic housing stock since 1984. Believe me, we won’t have many historic assets left, if this “economic emergency” isn’t addressed in some sort of timely fashion. (Making one of the study group get a PhD does not qualify as in a “timely fashion.”)

And the Newburyport City Council almost stopped the whole thing right in its tracks on Monday night, August 13, 2007.

Enough to give this Newburyport Blogger the proverbial possible vapors. Geesh.

Please press here to read one of the entries on the Newburyport District Study Committee.

Mary Eaton