Newburyport, Possible Conservative Council Backlash

Well I’m in a funk.

George Cushing of Frog Pond at the Bartlett Mall, the political consultant to the Newburyport Blog says that I am in grave danger of becoming one of those “humorless” liberals.

George warning me I am on the verge
of becoming “humorless”

Ouch, George. Good grief, what a terrible accusation.


This is why George is worried.

With all the recent whoop-la over the mayoral race, I am concerned about two thing.

Mayor John Moak could zip into a second term, at least at this point (yes, I know we have a long, long way to go).

Mayor Moak has moved more to the “center,” but whether it is center enough for me, I don’t know.

Take protecting our historic assets (an ongoing Newburyport Blog theme). Yes, I am incredibly grateful that Mayor Moak has appointed a Study Committee for a Local Historic District, but that is no guarantee that he would give a “thumbs up” to an actual Newburyport Local Historic District, should it come to pass.

And second of all I am concerned that there might be a conservative backlash when it comes to the race for the Newburyport City Council.

I think that this has been a terrific Newburyport City Council. Would all Newburyport City Councils be this good. A big congratulations to the gentlemen and lady in question.

George thinks that I am becoming humorless over these possibilities. He reminds me, that I don’t exactly have a lot of control over these things.

Thank you George.

And it might be good to lighten up a little, and give the old frog a smile, oh editor of the Newburyport Blog.

Ok George, I’ll try.

Mary Eaton