Newburyport, Massachusetts, Is it my Business?

For all of you out there who think I’ve been (to use a Jim Roy expression) blathering on about the Undertoad, well I’m so sick of hearing about it, that I’m going to blather on about it some more.

First of all, anyone’s finances (I’m obviously referring to this weekend’s posting[s]) are none of my business. And quite frankly they’re none of anyone else’s business either.

Second of all, just how naïve does anybody out there in Web-land think I could possibly be. Just because Tom Ryan gave me a nice testimonial in this edition of the Undertoad, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to say something that Mr. Ryan isn’t going to like, and I’m not going to read about it in the Undertoad, and it’s going to be in classic “toadese.” Dollars to donuts I’m not going to put that one up on my Testimonial Page.

Is the fact that our children now have to take the MCATs my business (and btw, I sure wish someone would post about education on the Newburyport Political Blog), yes, that’s my business. Is the fact that a development will affect people’s lives now and in the future my business, yes that’s my business. Is how the Waterfront’s going to be addressed my business, yes that’s my business (and I hope people will make it their business too and be sure to fill out the Waterfront questionnaire when it arrives with the City Census.) Is the fact that we have a city planner who has done positive and creative things for our city and may be let go by the present administration, is that my business, yes, I’ve really made that one my business. Is the fact that someone may wear purple socks my business, no that’s none of my business.

I think as a filter for the Newburyport Political Blog when a post comes in, I am now going to ask myself “is that any of my business?” And if the answer is “no” then it’s just not going to go up there.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport