The Newburyport Political Blog

I thought when I started the Newburyport Political Blog on New Years Day 2006 that a few people might wander onto it in 6-9 months. It has come to my attention that the Newburyport Political Blog really is becoming “a must read” and it is actually being taken very seriously by people in town as well as people out of town. (There will be a future posting on the fact that it has been picked up nationally and yes, believe it or not, internationally.) I am very flattered, but that puts me on a very steep learning curve.

There are a lot of very strong personalities in Newburyport and emotions can run high. This is not a forum, to quote Random House, “for the scheming of a person who engages in politics for party ends or personal advantage.” Please do not send me posts that have that agenda.

I would like to make something very clear. The purpose of the Newburyport Political Blog is to have a constructive dialogue about issues concerning the City of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

I would like all of you out there who would like to make postings to keep to the guidelines of the Newburyport Political Blog.

It has come to my attention that the recent posting by Jim Stiles could be interpreted to mean that Tom Ryan’s business, The Undertoad is in trouble (I did not read it that way.) Many people have been concerned.

I have talked to Tom Ryan to clarify matters. Mr. Ryan tells me that the Undertoad is in excellent financial shape and that he is being paid by all his advertisers.

Whether you agree with him or not, Jim Stiles is an outstanding and committed citizen, who has done an incredible amount for our community. It never occurred to me that any posting by Mr. Stiles could be anything but constructive.

I know that Jim Stiles has many important issues that he would like to address. My wish is that this remains the forum to do that.

I hope this clarifies matters for all of you out there in Web-land who apparently have been reading the Newburyport Political Blog today with some distress.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport