Newburyport, Education

Our schools. The financial state of our schools. How utterly depressing.

I hope Superintendent Kevin Lyons sticks around, doesn’t get so discouraged about the bleak financial picture that he moves on. Never met the guy, but not to repeat myself, but to repeat myself, he sounds awesome.

To have the school financial picture be so bleak that we will have to let teacher’s go, possibly lose the accreditation for our High School and have class sizes go up. Yikes.

No extra money from the state, rising costs and no extra mula in the city’s coffers. Yikes.

Look folks, when it gets this bleak, I’m all for an override. Come on, we are not talking entitled Taj Mahal Elementary School Building plan here, we are talking losing basics, which hurts everyone’s financial bottom line.

People are not going to want to live in Newburyport, MA if our brand new spanking High School (which hasn’t been remotely paid for yet) loses its accreditation. Oh, good grief.

In 2 months we’ve gone from discussing a Taj Mahal approach to an Elementary School Building plan, to a very commonsense approach by Newburyport Superintendent Kevin Lyons to, at least what I thought was a “brilliant,” problem solving solution to the present overcrowding in the Newburyport Elementary School, to the present utter bleakness.

Oy vey…

This is one of the many, many reasons I would never want to be on the Newburyport School Committee or be the mayor of Newburyport, MA. Much easier to be a blogger.

I would lose an awful lot of sleep at night on this one.

Mary Eaton