Aspiring Consultants for the Newburyport Political Blog

The frogs at Frog Pond at the Bartlett Mall are in revolt. They think that since they are such a large voting block (they may be out of touch with reality here, as far as I know frogs can’t vote) that they now want more input and representation on the Newburyport Political Blog.

What chutzpa!

George Cushing, the political consultant for the Newburyport Political Blog, picked by moi, says he thinks that I’m being too closed minded and taking myself way too seriously. In fact, he accused me of being a control freak and not listening to important insights from huge “voting blocks” like the frogs from Frog Pond. (Can you believe it?)

The two frogs that would like to join the “team” (good grief) are C. G. Cushing and G. C Cushing– Caleb Gemstonian Cushing and Gemstonian Caleb Cushing.

Here is their picture.

C. G. Cushing and G. C. Cushing
Aspiring consultants to the Newburyport Political Blog

They are twins. Can you guess? (What are their qualifications? Do they have legal degrees — that would be nice. I hope they don’t expect to be paid or want health insurance. Do frogs get health insurance?)

Frankly they appear to be a little young, if not very, very young. Plus they look goofy and sweet, bleh. I’m not sure “goofy and sweet” makes for insightful political insights. I mean, look at George Cushing, there’s nothing sweet about George that I’ve ever found out about.

George (the political consultant to the Newburyport Political Blog) says that he is more than willing to take them under his webbed feet and fingers and “mentor” them. He says that “looks can be deceiving,” and that just because I think C. G. and G. C. Cushing look twerpy, doesn’t mean that in fact they do not have keen political insight.

Good grief. Whose running the Newburyport Political Blog here anyway? The frogs from Frog Pond at the Bartlett Mall or moi! Is this a “frog takeover?” Is it now going to be a “frog blog?”

George offering to mentor
C. G. Cushing and G. C. Cushing
by taking them under his webbed fingers and feet

As you can see from the above picture, George looks wily and wise in comparison to his two twerpy cousins.

However, just to show that I’m not an editor ogre, they can hang around and be “mentored” by George Cushing. And, ok, if they actually do have something intelligent to contribute, I’ll listen. Who knows, maybe now we’ll have twerpy frogs chiming in on the Newburyport Political Blog. Wouldn’t that be something?

Mary Eaton