Newburyport, Citizens for Environmental Balance

I remember the first time I found out about Citizens for Environmental Balance (CEB.)

When the NAID land behind our house was going to be developed for industrial use, my husband and I joined the site walk with a representative from the planning board and the engineering firm. Several people bearing notebooks and green caps could have easily been mistaken for reporters with the number of questions they fired at the crew. Long after the city official and engineer left, we remained talking on Crow Lane next to the landfill and were then invited to continue the conversation at the next meeting of CEB.

CEB, registered as a miscellaneous non-profit group originated in November 1999 under the Mead Administration. They spearheaded the petition to save the abandoned Rt. 95 access road from being reopened as a roadway, land we can now use for passive recreation along the Little River. They ran full speed ahead supporting the Open Space Committee to get the Community Preservation Act passed. They regularly attend city council meetings, planning board and conservation committee meetings, acting as watchdogs to ensure that city government is always representing the public welfare, not the pockets of a select few.

Currently, CEB is keeping an eye on Woodman Farm, Oleo Trust, Little River Transit, Paul Avery and Oak Engineering at 81-83 Storey Ave as well as the management of the recently acquired land parcels, Coffin Island south of Hale Street and the Common Pasture north of Hale Street.

Other issues of concern are the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority and the Waterfront, Waterfront West, the proposed cell tower, and the exploration of wind farm and solar energy potential in Newburyport.

All are welcome to attend CEB meetings to share or gather information of common concern on any of these issues and enjoy the good humor and company of the group. Please call Al Decie at 978-462-2959 for future meeting dates and locations or check the CEB website

Kim Kudym