Newburyport Local Historic District Study Committee

I read the opinions and comments in the Newburyport Daily News from some of the folks who aren’t wildly in favor of the Newburyport Local Historic District Study Committee (NLHDSC).

The hostility and misinformation about the the LHD Study Committee is really over the top, and to quote one of the anti LHD folks, it sounds to me as if it’s often those folks who are made up of “histericals!” (their quote, not mine).  Good Grief!!

Lets look back, shall we?  The Newburyport LHD Study Committee was appointed by the mayor (just like all other boards and commissions in our democratic Newburyport government), Mayor John Moak and and the Study Committee was passed by the Newburyport City Council on June 25, 2007.  (All by the book.)

This is not some “new” idea, by some “volunteer helpers” (their words, not mine) who suddenly sprung out of nowhere to make peoples lives a living hell.  Hello.

On the Study Committee there are some very reasonable and knowledeable folks.  Doug Locy who was the chair of the Newburyport Planning Board for years.  Ed Ramsdsell, who has been the chair of the Newburyport Zoning Board of Appeals for years (both terrific men with a great deal of integrity).  Sarah White, who was president of the Newburyport Preservation Trust, a very impressive gal.  And how about Doug Bolick? long time and highly respected Newburyport attorney (a very reasonable fellow-not an “histeric”). Margaret Whelch, who has done an incredible amount for our historic city over the years.

These folks are not crazy Nazis that suddenly sprung up out of thin air, unbeknownst to anyone in particular.  And they are not “Histericals.” And the folks who come up with these wild, misinformed ideas and misinformation on the Newburyport Daily News are the ones in my mind who are sounding hysterical, not the well thought out process (whether you agree with it or not) by the City of Newburyport.  Good grief.

(And BTW, the folks on the Newburyport LHD Study Committee really are “historic home advocates,” the real deal. I hate to see anyone call themselves an “historic home advocate” without some very solid credentials.)