Newburyport, Mid-Day Election Report

Low, low voter turnout.  When I went to vote at around 10:30 at Ward 2 the number of people who had voted was 163, and that was about what all the other Newburyport Wards were reporting.

I visited all Newburyport voting spots, except Plum Island.  And the folks I talked to, who usually call elections on the money – not calling this one.

But for all the candidates who have worked so hard, congratulations, whether you win or lose.  You showed up for Newburyport and cared.  And as far as I’m concerned, that means a whole lot.

If you haven’t voted and don’t know where to vote, press here.  And please read the rest of the Newburyport Blog to get an idea of what is at stake in this very important election.