Newburyport, Motherhood

Since I seem to be on a Mom-blogging roll, so to speak, I thought I would blog a little more about my son.

At first I wasn’t going to ask his permission. After all if you have a mom who’s a blogger, you’ll probably appear on her blog sooner or later, right? But I did ask him, and he said it was fine by him.

I talk to parents with younger children all the time. And their worries and concerns are exactly what my worries and concerns as a younger parent used to be. And I know that at certain key phases of a child’s life, as a parent one thinks that it will never be Ok. Frankly, sometimes it never is. But by and large, for the most part, it appears that things, one way or another, usually turn out just fine.

When Ulrika Gerth, the editor of the Newburyport Current came to do her story on the Newburyport Political Blog, she saw the poem that my son wrote, which I have above my computer.

Her reaction, was the same as mine, she was deeply moved. Since I’ve already published my son’s poem on my website, Mary Baker Art, I figured it was ok to publish it on the Newburyport Political Blog. Everyday my son’s poem gives my day meaning and it gives my day hope.

in my belly is the sea
of my mother
i am the wind
a white dress
slips through a hand
like water
this is love

© Hal Fickett 2003

Mary Eaton, Newburyport