Newburyport, Election, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck–The Power of Myth

If you are a Democrat this November, be scared (and vote).

I’ve sat and watched this spring and summer as the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck have gone from, “Yeh, right,” to, “They are going to succeed and they aren’t going away.”

For the Tea Party, it goes way beyond, “Throw the bums out!” It goes way beyond that, it is a mission from God. Seriously. Somewhere on the Newburyport Blog I have a link to the video of Sarah Palin, in her church, and the “anointed” are “laying hands” on her, and asking for the power of the spirit to use and guide her.

(I know this world, I understand this world. In a distant part of my life, I married into this world. It’s one of the reasons Frankie Schaeffer and I are such good friends.)

It’s about abortion, for the conservatives it’s always been about abortion, and gays, because if the “homosexuals” takeover, in their minds, American becomes Sodom and Gomorrah, and is forever “damned.”

Sarah Palin isn’t a politician, she is Joan of Arc. She is mythic, leading the righteous to save the world. The Tea Party is not the Tea Party, it is David against Goliath. And yes, the Democrats are “Goliath.” And in the Old Testament, David stuck around for a long time.

The Democrats need to understand their own myth. Equal justice, Robin Hood. Obama as Robin Hood, the Democrats as his band of Merry Men and Women. Give to the poor and the middle class.

Or better yet, Obama as Christ in the Temple, overturning the tables of the money changers, the Democrats as a sea of apostles. Christ against the Pharisees. The Republicans being the Pharisees, the hypocrites.

Talking about policy isn’t going to help the Democrats in this last month before the election. They have got to understand what the Tea Party and Sarah Palin have so brilliantly accomplished and fight back with their own true power of myth.