Newburyport, Planning and Development

As far as civics goes, the thing that most fascinates me is Planning and Development. Especially when it is done well.

And in looking over the job description for the job of Newburyport Planning and Development Director, two things struck me.

One–the emphasis is on zoning, zoning, zoning–planning, planning, planning, and in mind this is a very good thing. I love this.

Two–Under “Knowledge, Skills and Abilities,” there is a very interesting paragraph: “Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City officials, contractors, architects, land developers, associates and the general public.”

Another words the onus is on the Planning Director to get along with people who work at City Hall and the various architects and developers, etc., not visa-versa.

And that small paragraph tells me volumes about how our new mayor, Donna Holaday governs.

The emphasis appears to be on “team,” not on anyone person, no matter how brilliant, when it comes to the workings of running the large business of Newburyport’s City Government.

And from what I understand there is a wealth of highly qualified and exciting applicants from all over the country.

I am going to be very interested in how the whole process of selecting Newburyport’s new Planning Director unfolds, and who Mayor Holaday ends up appointing for this crucial job.