Newburyport 2009 Election Results

Results for Newburyport Election 2009

Mayor of Newburyport
Donna D. Holaday
James G. Shanley

Winner: Donna Holaday

Ward 1
Lawrence V. McCavitt
Allison Heartquist

Winner: Allison Heartquist

Ward 3
Robert J. Cronin
Dawne Shand

Winner: Robert J. Cronin

Councilor At-Large
Barry N. Connell
Steven R. Hutcheson
Kathleen O’Connnor Ives
Thomas E. Jones
Michael Edward Ferrick
Ari B. Herzog
Frances E. Sullivan

Barry N. Connell
Kathleen O’Connnor Ives
Steven R. Hutcheson
Thomas E. Jones
Ari B. Herzog

Question #1
Shall a commission be elected to frame a charter for Newburyport?

Question #1 wins by a large margin

Usually the City Clerk hands out the “un-official” results about a half hour after they are read in City Hall Chambers. But (I think because of the number of Charter Commission candidates) only the “un-un-official” results (in some wards only phoned-in results were available) were in, and at 9:45 it was thought that it might take up to another hour to get the “un-official” results. So I came home. I do not have the list of people who won for Charter Commission. I am sure all of that will be in the local papers tomorrow.

Congratulations to those who won, and to all who ran.