Newburyport, the Kelly School, the Bartlet Mall and the Parks Commission

Something happy to blog about. Something not politically charged. How nice.

The Bartlet Mall promenade project will be finished! Hurray! The Kelly School parents and children are happy! Hurray! And Mayor John Moak apparently had a very positive and productive meeting with all parties involved. Awesome.

Bob Uhlig, the chairman of the Parks Commission, is a hard working (vast understatement,) talented, kind, thoughtful, smart human being. One of those people Newburyport, Massachusetts is so lucky to have.

Bob Uhlig is also a Kelly School parent (so am I, once a Kelly School parent, always a Kelly School parent) and fought very hard to keep the Kelly School open when it was under siege in 2000 (I have to admit I’m not exactly sure of the year.)

And Kelly School parents know how import that playground is to the Kelly School. I could not imagine that the Parks Commission would not work with the Kelly School parents. And it sounds like everyone has come up with a good plan that works for all.

And I’m very happy that John Moak had a good experience. After this last week, I’m sure it feels nice. It would be hard to imagine that he wouldn’t want the Kelly School to have the best possible playground and want the best for the Bartlet Mall.

And I sure hope he would like the Kelly School to stay open too and might be able to figure out a way to make that happen. That would win many, many points in my book.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport