Editor of the Newburyport Political Blog

As the editor of the Newburyport Political Blog I find myself saying “no” to many posts that are sent in. All these posts could make excellent letters to the editor for the Newburyport Daily News, but for some reason, which I can’t quite articulate, they don’t quite fit the feel of the Newburyport Political Blog. And now I find that I always try to err on the side of caution. If I have the slightest doubt that it might not quite be a match, I say “no,” And it’s always a different reason for every post that comes in.

Again this is a major learning curve for me. I had no particular plan when I started the blog a little less than three months ago, but I find that I am very protective of the Newburyport Political Blog as it evolves. I also find that I am very protective of the people of Newburyport, and that includes my “guest bloggers.” I know how mean people can be, and I guess my inclination is that if in doubt, I don’t want to take any chance that they could be “slammed.” And having lived here since 1981, I think I could have an ear for what people would be receptive to and what could end up being “gossip,” if you will, “around the water cooler.” I also know how hard everyday folk work to honor the City of Newburyport in all kinds of ways, paid and unpaid and I would like to do my best to honor that, even though I may not always succeed.

So, this is another very interesting, but unexpected learning curve for me and the Newburyport Political Blog. So, I really don’t know where the blog is going, and I’ll take it a step at a time, and we will all find out together. And be assured that this is “progress not perfection” and the editor of the Newburyport Political Blog (me) will make tons of mistakes.

Mary Eaton, Newburyport