First Digital Images, Birds


The Long Walk, Digital Image
The Long Walk, Digital Image © Mary Baker, 2013

When I first started experimenting with digital images, I found a place that I could find images that I myself would never have taken photographs of, that allowed me to use them free of charge, it is a place called MorgueFile. And for whatever reason, I found a whole lot of wonderful images of birds.

Pelican 2, Digital Image
Pelican 2, Digital Image © Mary Baker, 2013

My first thought about this new digital enterprise, was that it would be a collaboration between me and photographers around the world on MorgueFile.  Having a global digital project seemed like a very cool idea. I contacted all the photographers whose images I had used, after I had experimented with a lot of the different bird images.  I only heard back from one of them. It would be difficult to have a multi-collaboration project, without the input from the specific photographers. And the images on MorgueFile were on the small side, which meant, if I ever wanted to make the images very large, I would not be able to do so. But, before I found all of that out, I created a lot of interesting and fun images of birds.

Flamingo 1, Digital Image
Flamingo 1, Digital Image © Mary Baker, 2013

The bird series reminded me of “old fashion” silk screen prints. All these images were created during the month of  January 2013.

Pelican 1, digital image © Mary Baker
Pelican 1, digital image © Mary Baker