Digital Images and Experiments, Landscapes, Seascapes, Skies

Seascape 3, digital image
Seascape 3, digital image, © Mary Baker

When I was experimenting with the birds (see previous post), in a serendipitous sort of way, Photoshop created abstract landscape backgrounds–one of those magical things that started to happen, experimenting with this new digital medium. It was a very fun, “eureka” moment, something that I never would have thought of myself.

Seascape 2, digital image
Seascape 2, digital image, © Mary Baker

So, I decided to start experimenting with creating my own digital landscapes, in this case, seascapes.  Painting backgrounds, i.e. skies, water on canvas with brushes and oil paint, would literally take me months and months, sometimes years to get it right.  Creating digital skies, seascapes with the new digital medium took hours. I was amazed, elated and completely fascinated.

Seascape 1, digital image
Seascape 1, digital image, © Mary Baker

The three top images are some of the seascapes that I created during the month of February 2013. This new digital experiment was taking me places that creatively I could never have imagined going.  And what I learned doing these seascapes helped me later on, when things got a little more complicated.

Seascape 4, digital image
Seascape 4, digital image, © Mary Baker

And this last seascape, Seascape 4, is one that I created in December of 2013. By that time I had learned a whole lot more on this great digital adventure.