About Mary Baker

Sun Flower 2 © Mary Baker
Sun Flower 2 © Mary Baker

Mary Baker is a contemporary realist artist whose studio is in the historic seaport town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Newburyport, Massachusetts, with its flowers, gardens, historic neighborhoods and landscapes, has been the inspiration for the artist’s realistic oil paintings.

Mary’s art work has passion, depth and beauty, capturing moments in time that many people pass by. Her artwork has the power to inspire lives and to nourish and enhance the spirit.

Mary Baker has a website where you can learn all about her. There are paintings on every page of Mary Baker Art. And the artist’s website also has lots of articles, which are listed on the side of Mary Baker Art-Blog.

There is contact information for Mary Baker on Mary Baker Art.

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Sun Flower 3 © Mary Baker
Sun Flower 3 © Mary Baker

Sunflower 3
Oil on Paper
5″ x 10″
Mary Baker ©