Newburyport’s Historic Gardens and the 21st Century

I went and talked to a delightful friend of mine who loves and appreciates historic gardens and who is very down to earth, to get a reality check. The subject was/is how to live with historic preservation, only this time outside. As I said in an earlier post, I went on a hunt for historic […]

Memory and Newburyport’s Historic Gardens

I started thinking about “memory” (see earlier entry) again and what it means to a sense of place and historic preservation, because I started to think about historic gardens, mainly along High Street, how beautiful they are, but whether or not they make sense in day to day living in the year 2007. All of […]

Nostalgic Historic Newburyport Gardens

The photographs of historic Newburyport Garden plans and photographs of historic Newburyport gardens, stir up both a deep sense of nostalgia for something that beautiful, that cared for and that loved, as well as a certain practical impatience, that it could be very difficult, short of being part of a museum or a full time […]

Historic Gardens, Newburyport

My practical and down to earth friend, who loves historic gardens, wrote me an email concerning the previous post. As a professional Landscape Designer she did take a class in historic preservation and to quote my friend, “There are tons of good questions, and not nearly as many good answers,” (about how to integrate an […]

Local Historic District (LHD) and High Street in 1971 from P.Preservationist

The P. Preservationist has written a fascinating story about the effort to have High Street be a Local Historic District (LHD) in 1971. The P. Preservationist has gone to the Newburyport Archives and done some mega research. Everyone here at the Newburyport Blog, me and the frogs, are mighty impressed. This is definitely a must […]

Historic Preservation and New England Churches

Having thought so much about the historic preservation of Newburyport, MA, our small, seacoast New England city, I’ve always thought about residential and commercial architecture. I guess I’ve always taken the picturesque New England churches that populate Newburyport, MA and our surrounding communities and states, for granted. Maybe this needs some rethinking. After all in […]

Newburyport, Historic Memory Loss

I just made this amazing discovery. The Library of Congress has some amazing photographs that can be used in the public domain. I never knew about this until yesterday, even after all these years. One of the things that concerns me about Newburyport, MA in the year 2007, is that we often have very little […]

Newburyport, Wheelwright Gardens, Endangered Resources

Obviously I liked the fact that the gardens at the Wheelwright House made Preservation Massachusetts 10 Most Endangered Resource list a lot. One of the things that I also like is that a realtor was one of the three people who nominated the Wheelwright Gardens. Why do I find this so enchanting? Let me digress […]

Newburyport, Wheelwright Gardens Make the Endangered Property List

Preservation Massachusetts has named the Wheelwright Gardens as one of Massachusetts’ “10 Most Endangered Resources.” Well, yeh. They thought outside the box. Good for Preservation Massachusetts. The Wheelwright Gardens are the first gardens ever to be place on Preservation Massachusetts “10 Most Endangered Resources.” High Street won in 1999. The only roadway ever nominated. It […]

Newburyport, Endangered Historic Resources

Sally Chandler © 2004 Wheelwright Historical Garden The gardens of Newburyport’s Wheelwright House have been nominated for Preservation Massachusetts’ (formerly called Historic Massachusetts) Ten Most Endangered Resource Program. Endangered Resource Program “chump change?” No. High Street was nominated and won in 1999. The only roadway ever nominated. It was a very, very big deal. (Fenway […]

Frank Thurlo, Painting of the Chain Bridge

Every now and again the Newburyport Blog goes on a fun hunt.  In 2007 I went on a hunt for all the stuff I could find about Newburyport’s historic gardens.  And in 2012 it looks like I’m going on a hunt for Newburyport historic paintings.  How fun. And in my hunt, I found another painting […]

Newburyport, Protecting High Street

In the Library of Congress, there is yet another set of wonderful photographs, this time of the “Pierce-Knapp-Perry House” at 47 High Street. Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photograph Division, Historic American Buildings Survey Frank O. Branzetti, Photographer Nov. 1, 1940. This is a photograph of that magnificent house taken in 1940. Courtesy […]

The Newburyport Bartlet Mall

I remember when the renovation to the Newburyport Bartlet Mall started. To say there was some opposition would be an understatement. Over the years the original design of the Bartlet Mall had been lost and an arbitrary and unplanned planting plan had gradually taken place. The plantings may have been randomly placed, but the whole […]

Newburyport, Development, Back of High Street

The Newburyport Daily News on Monday October 9, 2006 ran a cartoon by Gary Robertson (no, not our City Councilor Gary Roberts) on what is being proposed for the back of the Wheelwright property by Todd Smith and Peter Nordblom of Willis Lane LLC, or what is now being referred to by the developers as […]

Everything is Infill, Horton Street, Newburyport, MA

Doing research for “If This House Could Talk” (which was/is awesome) I learned a lot about our neighborhood.  Horton Street is a small Street that is just below High Street and runs between Federal and Lime Street. THE OLD ALMSHOUSE Most of that area was owned by the City of Newburyport and that is where […]

Newburyport, a Romantic City and the Proposed 40R District

I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is about Newburyport that I love so much. What keeps me longing to stay here despite a winter like the one we’ve just had. Jerry Mullins in his blog post uses the word “romance” in connection to Newburyport, and it is an adjective that describes this small New […]

Bushee Estate Demolished for a Subdivision

The Bushee estate on Newman Road has been demolished for a subdivision.  That’s a “Yikes.” “The home that carried her ( Florence E. Bushee) name boasted a twin chimney 2 1/2-story colonial with 13 rooms and eight open fireplaces, ornamental gardens, a carriage house, a post and beam cow barn and multi-stall horse barn.”  Newburyport […]

Newburyport, the Way a Fence Looks Matters

A fence on High Street is like a jewelry on a beautiful woman. Last night at the Local Historic District (LHD) informational meeting, a person who owns a gorgeous mansion on High Street in the South End, up on the Ridge, one of the most important homes on High Street, asked if they would have […]