“Judgmental and Intolerant”

When the Republicans were attempting to impeach President Clinton, basically for attempting to cover up an embarrassing blowjob, and not doing such a great job of it, Barney Frank said something to the effect (and I can’t find the exact quote),”When your opponent is shooting themselves in the foot, just stand back and let them do it.”

I always thought this was wise political advice, and ever since then, Barney Frank, Massachusetts US Representative, has always been one of my favorites.

And in Sunday’s Boston Globe, September 7, 2008 he has this to say about Sarah Palin, “The relevant political point about the existence of these incidents in Palin’s family is not that they reflect badly on her or her relatives, but that they further reveal the central flaw of the harshly judgmental and intolerant philosophy she exemplifies..”

The, “harshly judgmental and intolerant philosophy she exemplifies,” wonderfully articulates my “dilemma” with Sarah Palin and with the Republican party of the last eight years.

Barney Frank also has this to say in the same opinion piece, “..the questions of divorce and teen pregnancy are relevant in discussions of the McCain/Palin ticket. The individuals involved in these cases deserve to be treated with compassion, but so do millions of other Americans who find themselves in similar situations.”

And in the Sarah Palin family saga, I find this weird double standard, harsh and judgmental toward others, but not harsh and judgmental towards Sarah Palin, perplexing.

And as a single mother I got to experience first hand the subtle and not so subtle harsh and judgmental attitude of a lot of people. And I have a visceral dislike of politicians, no matter how charming and disarming, who embrace this particular point of view.