Newburyport and a Palin World View

Would Sarah Palin’s world view matter to the folks of Newburyport, MA?

Yup, I think it would matter a lot.

Sarah Palin is absolutely upfront, unapologetic and proud of her world view. This would appear to be the same world view as George W. Bush, possibly even more extreme. (However, it would not appear to be the same world view as her running mate, John McCain.)

That world view put us in what is now understood as the hugely unpopular war in Iraq. Something that this community is very much affected by.

From an AP report (Gene Johnson, September 3, 2008), a quote by Sarah Palin: “Our national leaders are sending them (our troops) out on a task (Iraq) that is from God..”

Sarah Palin candidacy also, very possibly, reignites the receding culture wars that have been so divisive and destructive to our country, that neither John McCain or Barack Obama have seemed interested in revisiting or reviving.

I’ve said it in an earlier post, this enormously talented and effective young woman, who gave a very impressive speech last night in front of the National Republican Convention, could be more popular, more powerful and even more successful than Ronald Regan or George W. Bush, in getting the Christian Right’s social agenda enacted.

In eight years (2 terms), John McCain would be 80 years old. And whether he might fill one term or two terms, Sarah Palin, at the moment, would appear to be the next in line.

PS. Tony Auth has a great political cartoon on Sarah Palin here.