Palin Politics

I think faith is a good and wonderful thing, but I don’t think most Americans understand faithwise where Sarah Palin, the new Republican pick for VP, is coming from.

Ronald Regan paid lip service to a lot of the political conservative issues, but Sarah Palin is “saved.” Not that being “saved” is a bad thing, the passion and convictions that such faith could have, may be pretty amazing. However, it could be a puzzle and has been a puzzle for many “mainstream” Americans. (My friend Frank Schaeffer has a whole lot to say about this one.)

There is a post on the Huffington Post with a video of Sarah Palin speaking in the church where she found her faith, that would delight many a Conservative Christian, but my guess would be that it could probably be a head scratcher for a lot of folks.

You can see the video here.

A sort of Ok definition of “Conservative Christianity” is here.

And in helping to understand what is meant by Alaska being a refuge in the “last days,” a link to this definition could be helpful here.