Thunderstorms are Us, Don’t Rain on My Parade

Sunday morning, there’s sun, coolish air. Could it possibly be true. It might be nice for the Yankee Homecoming Parade. Yankee Homecoming could get a break here.

Yes, the fireworks went on Saturday night, after yet another thunderstorm, and before yet more rain. But sticky, humid weather in between the raindrops, could make enthusiasm somewhat sticky.

But on Federal Street after the fire engines, etc. roared by at full decimal, blue sky was on one side of High Street, and a big dark cloud was on the other. Ut Oh.

A young lady clicks her cell phone and looks at her friends, “They say it’s pouring back there.” Oh, dear.

And sure enough rain drops start falling and this blogger makes a beeline for cover.

And yes, a rip roaring thunder storm comes through, all yellow and red on the radar screen, right over High Street, Newburyport, MA.

But the show goes on, at least most of it. And when this blogger stuck her head back out, sure enough bands and floats were marching and floating up the soggy roadway.