Landfill and Suffolk Superior Court

Relief for this blogger about the decision yesterday by the judge at the Suffolk Superior Court in Boston, to include Newburyport, MA in the negotiations for the Landfill, along with the DEP, the State Attorney General and the owner of the Crow Lane Landfill, New Ventures.

Well, whew.

Yes, it may cost more money in legal fees, but, in my mind, that would be money very wisely spent.

The worse thing would be for the City of Newburyport not to be included in the negotiations. Good grief.

So I’m proud of the Newburyport City Council for voting unanimously against the latest, in my mind, unacceptable proposal by the owner of the Landfill.

And I realize that legal bills make our mayor nervous (yes, legal bill are expensive and no fun), but taking the long view, it would be much more expensive for the people of Newburyport, MA to have accepted the most recent legal proposal by New Ventures (bringing in a lot more stuff, a whole lot more stuff to the landfill) and not push for the darn thing to be capped ASAP.