A-Frame Signs Downtown Newburyport

A-frame signs downtown Newburyport.

When one of my Newburyport City Councilors mentioned that was a major agenda item, my first response was, “Well, if that’s all we have to worry about, things can’t be too bad.”

But then I read the article in the Newburyport Daily News. And yes, A-frame signs could make or break a business. And well, things would be very bad for that business indeed.

If you have an off State Street business or an upstairs State Street business (for those readers who do not live in Newburyport, MA, State Street is the main street going through downtown Newburyport) then yes, an A-frame sign would be a “must have.”

The Tannery has a very classy way of listing all the stores that live there. But, I got to say, I rarely if ever read it. Maybe, possibly, an occasional glance.

I like A-frame signs. They seem to be almost always for local businesses. And they, for me, give a homey and inviting feel to downtown Newburyport, MA. A statement against “high end homogenization.” And quite frankly I often forget that our local tea shop or a yummy chocolate shop is there, and the signs are a reminder. Don’t forget, a little something to make your day just a little nicer.