Landfill and Everett

On the Landfill, one of the things that I have never seen happen, is that, as far as I know, and as far as I can imagine, I could not imagine that any of our local politicians, Mayor John Moak or any person on the Newburyport City Council ever taking a campaign contribution from the owners of the Landfill.

From what I remember, that could not be the case in other towns.

And eons and eons ago I talked to one of the editors of The Everett Mirror and said that I would let the readers of the Newburyport Blog know of the existence of their blog and the ongoing “relationship” that Everett has with our very same Landfill owner, and the “unfortunate” situation that they would also be in.

And recently Gillian Swart over at Port Reporter Unlimited in one of her post on the Landfill alerts readers to another blog, The Doughboy Chronicals and their account of the very same folks.

Newburyport is not alone.