Landfill Craziness

I was talking to one of my fellow local bloggers a few days ago about why the Mayor of Newburyport, MA and the Newburyport City Council would not just say an immediate and resounding “No” to the Landfill owner’s new, very invasive request–shipping in lots and lots of more stuff, and NOT capping the retched thing NOW, and leaving the good folks of Newburyport, MA alone, and doing the whole thing right. Good grief.

I told my fellow local blogger that I would “bet the ranch” that the mayor and every Newburyport City Councilor understands the crazy and agonizing stuff that people have gone through for years (one only has to have one whiff of noxious odor to get the message real quick). But that my guess would be that the owner of the Landfill would have come up with some sort of legal “Gordian knot” to further complicated an untenable situation, and continued to make it really, really hard for the City of Newburyport, MA to get rid of the fellow.

And, yes, it appears that is what it would boil down to.

And, the reality is, which I’m pretty sure every politician and former politician and civil servant and former civil servant in Newburyport, MA would know, is that it wouldn’t take much to cap the damn thing and to leave us all alone.

A reality show nightmare that just appears to keep on “giving.”