Being An Activist, A lot of Work

I gotta say that I’m scratching my head here as I read the article on Buy Local by Stewart Stokes, in the Newburyport Current, February 22, 2008, “Buy Local lacks momentum.”

Say what?

Excuse me?

It sounds to me as if Mr. Stokes has never been an “activist.”

Let me tell you honey it’s hard work. It usually comes down to 1, or if you are lucky 2, or if you are really, really luck 3 (I mean really lucky) people doing all the work.

And the “work” involved in being an activist, is the equivalent of having a second, if not a third full-time job, on top of what anything else might be going on in life.

So good grief, give these people a break, and thank them for all the hard work that has gone into this endeavor, which would be on a volunteer basis, no less, on behalf of the citizens of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

If folks care about the efforts of what Buy Local has already accomplished, for goodness sakes, help them out and step up to the plate, already. And plan on the stepping up to the plate thing, being in the form of an extra full-time sort of occupation.

Mary Eaton