Online Writing, Maybe Not So Carefree

One of the things that I am struck by when I read Tom Salemi’s Blog, Newburyport Posts and even a very new blog, South End Blend, is that because these folks have taken the time to show up and voice an opinion or viewpoint, the blogs, for me, take on a certain authority. And I imagine that neither Tom of Newburyport Posts, or Rob and Mary of South End Blend had this in mind.

And I find this paralyzing. Because, if these folks online viewpoint carries, at least for me, some authority, that means that maybe the Newburyport Blog could too.

And it may not be enough just to write something and send it out blithely out into cyberspace, out into the universe, as I have always imagined. Maybe some of my critics could be correct. There maybe nothing casual about an online word or image. Writing, something, anything online, could carry with it some responsibility.

Good grief. Even casual comments about crabgrass seem to elicit a response.

I think I have gradually come to this realization and find it really depressing. Before it used to feel like being in a leaf pile and throwing leaves up into the sky. A joyous and carefree endeavor. It doesn’t feel so carefree anymore.

Mary Eaton