Content Management, Websites and the Newburyport Blog

This is again for my readers in business, with websites, passing on information that I’ve acquired in making the Newburyport Blog come up high or #1 on Search Engines.

By shear dumb luck the blog format I ended up using for the Newburyport Blog is WordPress, which is not only blog software but also what is referred to as a “Content Management System” (CMS).

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that could easily become an organic part of a website, if so desired, and search engines appear, at this point, to love it. It’s also free.

What is “content management?” Content management is a way after a website is designed, for the owner of the website to easily update the content, whether it is news, information, whatever the owner of the business would like. It also enables a group of people within a business, to update information for both the customers, clients and the search engines.

And there are a lot of content management systems out there.

One of the reasons I like WordPress so much for the Newburyport Blog is the way that information is organized.

One post, one page of content, will appear in a variety of places. For example this post on content management for my friendly readers of the Newburyport Blog, will appear on the main page of the Newburyport Blog for a while, it will also have its own page, it will be indexed under a date (January 2008), and it will appear in 5 categories, which are easily found by readers and by search engines. All told this one page of content will appear in 8 different places, all of which, at this point, search engines seem perfectly happy with.

And as an experiment, last night after I wrote the previous post on Search Engine Optimization, I put “Newburyport, Search Engine Optimization” in Google, and within an hour the post was indexed (showed up) and was in 2nd place on Google.

Not bad.

Especially since “Search Engine Optimization” is one tough word to show up for on search engines. So it appeared that last night the content management system (CMA) of WordPress was working pretty well.

Mary Eaton