Five Star Marina

I think I am now going to assume (and try to accept, because it all seems to be out of our, Newburyport’s, control) that what is going to happen to our small New England City is high-end homogenization.

A friend of mine, who loves historic preservation, recommended a fascinating book by Dana Thomas, called “Deluxe,” how high end luxury brands, Gucci for example, have become globalized,” and “lost their luster,” and have become available to the “masses.”

All of this would mean that high-end luxury retail would now be available to developers like New England Development, whereas in earlier decades, that would not have been a choice that would have been available.

In an article in the Newburyport Daily News, January 11, 2008, that Tom Salemi also talks about on Newburyport Posts, Newburyport City Council Larry McCavitt had some reservations about the reconfiguring of Hilton Marina, which is owned by New England Development.

“‘We are basically trying to construct a five-star marina in downtown Newburyport,” Frangipane said.” (Butch Frangipane, marina manager for Stephen Karp)

“… (Larry) McCavitt, who said everyone has been asking what is going to happen, said this marina plan is the start.

“This is an incremental development of this area that is supposed to be a comprehensive plan,” McCavitt said.” (Newburyport Daily News, January 11, 2008, by Stephen Tait)

And I would agree with Councilor McCavitt that the marinas are a logical place for New England Development to start.

And I checked out Newburyport Waterside Marinas and one of the interesting things is, that although it is not included on the home page of the site, on most of the remaining pages “Nantucket Boat Basin” is one of the prominent links.

“At Nantucket Boat Basin, we provide you with the highest quality marina services from the moment you arrive until the time you depart. Our 240-slip, full-service marina caters to some of the world’s most discerning travelers. The Boat Basin is just two blocks from Nantucket Town, a charming, historic seaport with fascinating shops, unique galleries and world class restaurants.”

This is the copy on the website of the home page for Nantucket Boat Basin. It could easily be the copy for the a five star marina to come, in Newburyport, MA.

Mary Eaton