Charming New England Winters

Winter in New England is often described as “charming.”

This winter scene from c. 1860 of Green Street from the Newburyport Archives would certainly be considered “charming.”

Green Street c. 1860
Courtesy Newburyport Archival Center
Newburyport Public Library

And this beautiful detail of the same photograph. The church in the background I believe is the church on Green Street that has been made into a restaurant.

Detail, Green Street c. 1860
Courtesy of the Newburyport Archival Center
Newburyport Public Library

Ah, but so often the realities in Newburyport MA look and feel much more like this:

A winter storm

Stephen Tait in the Newburyport Daily News wrote, what in my mind was a fairly “scary” article on what Mr. Karp and the “super-wealthy” have done to Nantucket. (After reading Mr. Tait’s article, “High-End Homogenization” to me seems “quaint.”)

“… it (Nantucket) has lost its innocence..” “I think Karp is going the wrong direction. He wants everything to be upscale and sophisticated…”

“…the island attracting the wealthy, the middle and upper middle class families are no longer traveling to the island for vacation because it is too expensive…”

“.. the super rich don’t necessarily add to the local economy since they fly in their own chefs, their own staff and host parties at their residences…” (Newburyport Daily News, December 17, 2007, by Stephen Tait. Read the whole thing. In fact, it’s a “must read”.)

And the charm of Newburyport, which attracts and has attracted so many, may well be only for a chosen few. And in my mind that would wipe out the “charming” image of Green Street, and replace it with the image of the winter storm.