New England Driveway Snowdrifts

Because of where my dwelling is located and how it is built, I find I am prone to snowdrifts, as in snowdrifts blocking my front door (and my heating vent, see earlier entry).


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No, not quite that bad.

An habitual planner and often obsessive “can I solve this,” attempting problem solver, I set my mind this summer, to the dilemma of New England snowdrifts, particularly, my snowdrifts.

I Google “snow drifts,” and learn all about snow and wind patterns. Who knew. Actually, all interesting stuff.

I decide that, “ah ha,” it would be good to have something at an angle to my dwelling, to direct all those northeasterly winds away from my residence.

I then massively research stationary and possible portable snow-fences.

But then I have this idea. My neighbors park in my driveway. What if we put our cars at an angle and use the automobiles as snowdrift, wind directories, channeling the wind, snow and sleet away from my abode.

My neighbors and fellow driveway dwellers, are obliging.

Sunday, after many, many inches of snow and lots of northeasterly wind, another possible “eureka.” No wild drifts up against my doorway.

My first nor’easter, testing trial. But as in any good “scientific” experiment, this would only be a first good indicator. Fingers crossed and automobiles angled.

Mary Eaton